New Paintings: Fall 2017

Evening Irises
  • Evening Irises
Fire Tulips
  • Fire Tulips
May Day Lilacs
  • May Day Lilacs
Jonagold Branch
  • Jonagold Branch
Pomegranates on White
  • Pomegranates on White
Catawba Grapes
  • Catawba Grapes
  • Clementines
Vernal Dance
  • Vernal Dance
Apple Couple
  • Apple Couple
Pink Lily Sisters
  • Pink Lily Sisters
Orchid on Gold
  • Orchid on Gold
Magenta Orchid
  • Magenta Orchid
Full Moon with Trees
  • Full Moon with Trees
Moon Phases
  • Moon Phases
Harvest Moon
  • Harvest Moon
Strawberries and Cream
  • Strawberries and Cream
Still Life with Hydrangea
  • Still Life with Hydrangea
Poppies in Teapot
  • Poppies in Teapot
Rainy Day Peonies
  • Rainy Day Peonies
  • Amaryllis
  • Lillium